MegaVar® Clear Water White Conversion Varnish

1M.430X, 1A.622B (Catalyst)

MegaVar® Clear WW Conversion Varnish is designed for the woodworker who demands maximum performance in a water white clear finish. A 2-component, fast drying VOC & HAPS compliant varnish that offers superior protection against moisture and household chemicals.

  • Self-sealing, long-lasting finish
  • Protects against moisture and chemicals (meets KCMA standards)
  • Non-yellowing and fast drying
  • Maximum performance in a water white clear

Available Sheens:Gloss, Semi-gloss, Satin, Dull Rubbed, Flat

Available Colors:Water White

Cleanup:1A.406 Thinner/1A.101 Acetone

Resin Type:Conversion Varnish

Recommended Use:Interior

MPI Rating:N/A

VOC Level:<680